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22. why?

Lukes p.o.v

there she was on the floor. Her hair a mess, ,makeup smudged, and lastly her wrist all bloody. I rushed over to her and carried her to the bathroom. I sat her down on the counter and got a rag and got it wet. i dabbed the rag on her wrist to clean the blood off.
" Annabelle. Why?" (L)
¨ Some girl said something to me and it got to me." (A)
¨ lily?¨ (L)
¨ I dont know her name but i think thats her.¨ (A)
" It is i saw her talking to you."(L)
¨ the one with the caked face and the shirt thats obviously to small and.¨ (A) 
" The shirt that barley covers her ass¨ (L&A)
We both said that at the same time. And the made her laugh im glad she was laugjing but i know inside shes hurting.
¨ Yeah she told me to stay away from you and that im a slut and fat and ugly.¨ (A)
¨ Annabelle you know your not right?¨ (L)
she stayed quite. 
¨ Annabelle your not your gorgeous and kind and your body is amazing dont let some whore tell you different babe.¨ (L)

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