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6. Why does he like me?

Annabelles P.O.V

Omg he just called me beautiful!! OMGG!! Okay annabelle chill hes just a boy. Oh what am i saying hes not just a boy hes special. I mean i know i just met him but it seems like ive known him for ever. 
¨ Annabelle... ANNABELLE!!¨
¨ Oh im sorry what?¨
¨ I said did you get your classes??¨
¨ Oh um no i need to go to the office¨
¨ Okay then follow me¨
We took a left, then a right then two lefts. I tired to memorize this so i can find it again. i couldnt focus though i kept looking at luke. He was perfect. His eyes, his lips, His hair, His everything. Okay snap out of it Annabelle.
¨ Okay we´re here¨ 
Oh crap he caught me looking at him.....
¨ Like what you see?¨ He said smirking
¨ Actually yes.¨ I said blushing 
Luke was about to say something but i cut him off and walked in the office. I gave them my name and they gave me my classes and what locker i was going to be in and walked out.
¨ Okay im done¨
¨ Oh cool what classes do you have¨
I just handed him my schedule 
¨ Oh cool we have 1,2,4,7 period together.¨
¨ Cool so can you show me to my locker and then my 1st class to meet the teacher?¨
¨ Sure but first.....¨
He slammed me into the wall and made me drop my books and he did what i thought he wouldnt never do. 
( A\N Hahahhaahahahahahahah cliff hangerr but im sure most of you know what happened next.)



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