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7. the truth is out

Annabelles P.O.V

(( Re cap ))
¨ Cool so can you show me to my locker and then my first class to meet the teacher?¨
¨ Sure but first............¨
He slammed me into the wall and made me drop my books and he did what i thought he would never do¨

He kissed me. I was aganist the lockers and he was kissing me. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and i gladly  accepted. Our tonuges where fighting and he won. After a full 3 mintues we pulled away. That was my first kiss and let me  tell you it was perfect. Somone actually cares about me.

Lukes P.O.V 

I finally grew some balls and decided to kiss her and thats what i decieded to do. After 3 mintues we pulled apart.
¨ That was...¨
¨ Incredible.¨ I finshed her sentence for her
¨ Yes it was¨ She was blushing i love that i can make her blush. 
¨ Okay so now how about i show you to your locker babe.¨
¨ babe?¨
¨ Yes babe. thats what i get to call my girlfriend¨
¨ And who said i was your girlfriend You didnt even ask yet¨
¨ Alright then. Annabelle would you be my girlfirend?¨
¨ Nope¨ She was smirking and walked away. I ran after her and caught up man she walks fast.
¨ wait what do you mean no?¨
¨ Im just joking. Yes luke i would love to be your girlfriend.¨


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