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10. take your breath away

Lukes p.o.v 

shes metting calum,michael and ashton its not that i dont think it will go okay its just i think they will be to friendly and i dont think i can handle that even we arent it will kill if i lost her.
" Luke you ready?"
" Yes lets go."\

right when i walked in i spotted calum talking to michael and ashton looking my way partically drooling over annabelle 
" Hey guys"
" hey luke whos this" Ashton asked
" This is annabelle" I said after holding her by the waist she looked up at me blushing
" You look cute when blush" I said whispering in her ear which only made her blush more 
" hey im ashton and this is Michael and calum"
" Hey guys im annabelle"
" HEYYYYYYY" as they engulfed her into a hug 
Everythings complete now. It all feels right.
A/N OMGGG im so sorry i havent wrote in forever i had to think but im back im gonna be writting a chapter everyday for now on im sorry babes.

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