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16. please dont judge

" annabelle whats this"
i yanked my wrist from his grip but he pulled it towards him again. why cant anyone mind their own bussiness.
" Nothing. i have to go to class."`
" no your not leaving until you tell me."
" fine ashton i cut myself. you happy. i hurt myself and i cant stop!"
" Im so sorry annabelle.." 

he pulled me into a hug and we just stood their for 5 mintues straight. 
" thanks ashton."
" Its no problem annabelle."
i pulled away from the hug and kissed him on the cheek.
" please dont tell luke."
" i wont tell him unless you want me to."
" thank you" 
" Stop thanking me ananbelle."
" im sorry" laughing while wiping off my smudged mascara under my eyes.

we walked out the bathroom and ashton insisted  that he needs to walk me. I told him its fine since i had to get a few things for my locker but he wouldnt budge. 

Lukes p.o.v 

i dont know whats wrong with annabelle. one second she was alright then she started crying. the bell rang signaling that class is over. i turned the corner and i spotted annabelle with ............... Ashton? why is he with her?

" hey guys'
" hey luke" she engulffed me into a hug
" Woah you okay?"
" Yeah im fine."
" good please tell me if your not okay."
" I will i promise."
" Good ashton can i talk to you for a second."
" yeah sure mate."
we walked over to a ser of lockers away from annabelle so i can ask ashton about what happened to my baby
" so whats up mate?"
" what happened to annabelle."
" Its not my place to say."
" ashton tell me you would want to know about emily."
" Fine. luke im sorry but she cuts herself and i saw the scars."
i stood still. i cant believe this my annabelle. how does she do that to herself she beautiful and kind and all the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her.  

" I need to go find her."
" but-"
 i didnt even wait for ashton speak i ran till i found annabelle at her locker
" annabelle let me see your wrist."


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