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17. oops

(L) Is for luke & (A) Is for annabelle 

Annabelles p.o.v

" Annabelle let me see your wrist." (L)
" wh-what?" (A)
" I said let me see your wrist." (L)
" N-No why?" (A)

he didnt even reply instead he grabbed my wrist and looked at my scars.
" Annabelle why?" (L) 
" Because...." (A)
" Please tell me."
" because luke i don't like myself. Actually i hate myself. i hate my body and everything about me. Im ugly and fat and everything is wrong with me. there that's why."
by now both of us were crying. What he did next surprised me i thought he would yell or scream at me instead he pulled me to him and just hugged me. 

" Listen to me okay. Please." (L)
" Okay." (A)
" You are not ugly. You are gorgeous and beautiful and drop dead flawless. Your body is perfect. not everyone is 100% Perfect but you are. Even though you think you have flaws and hate them i will love all of them. I love your body, your hair, your eyes, your personality. I love everything about you. YOU ARE PERFECT AND GORGEOUS." (L)
" Thank you luke. But when youve been calling yourself ugly for around 5 years no matter what people say it doesnt affect you. Like what you are saying i want to believe you but i cant." (A)
" Well looks like im gonna be saying " Your Gorgeous" Everyday." (L)
" Your wasting your time luke" "(A)
" Nope. because im gonna make you belive it." (L)
" Okay. Lets go to lunch."
gosh he is so cute i love him. Wait do i ? Do i love him? Well i guess i do. I Love Luke Hemmings.

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