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2. New year, New life

Annabelles P.O.V

Its the first day of senior year and as always i have to start brand new, Have new friends and new teacher.The teachers arent a big deal they usually like me and the friends part well lets just say its pretty hard but its okay because we´ve moved 10 times in the past year. I´ve learned not to get to close because it will end up with my heart broken. 

¨Annabelle. Come on. Your gonna be late for the first day of school!¨
¨Coming mom!

I decided on a casual look by wearing a white crop top with a flower skirt and white high heels and a black miny backpack. For my makeup i put foundation, Concealer, And a wing eyeliner, with light pink lipstick. 

¨Hey mom.¨
¨Hey honey. You look beautiful.¨
¨ Thank You. Whats for breakfast.¨
¨ Blueberry pancakes. Your favorite.¨
¨ Its fine ill take a granola bar. Im gonna be late for school Bye mom.¨
¨ Bye honey.¨
I grabbed my IPhone 6s off the counter along with my keys and ran outside into my car. Right when i was about to plug my phone into the aux cord my phone rang. It was cacey my bestfriend back home.
¨ Hello?¨
¨ Hey Annabelle!
¨ I miss you to! How do you like Australia?¨
¨ I dont know I havent seen anything yet. Im about to go to school so ill facetime you later okay?¨
¨ okay bye babe I love you¨
¨ I love you to.¨

On the ride to school i was blasting blink 182 into my car and screaming my lungs out signing the lyrics until finally i reached the highschool. This place is huge im gonna need help. I walked in and right away i bumped into someone and my books fell. I Look up and i met his bright blue crystal eyes.


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