Be okay ❤️🤘🏽

please read! And hope you guys like


8. its okay........

Lukes P.O.V

Annabelles my girlfriend i cant believe. I dont know why but im so happy right now.

¨ Can you please take me to my locker and class now Luke?¨
¨ Fine come on.¨ I grabbed her hand and showed her to locker 103 which happens to be right next to mine and ashton. I should probaly introduce her since we have 1st period with him and cal and michael.
¨ Hey uh Annabelle?¨
¨ Yeah?¨
¨ Um my best mates are in our 1st class and i was wondering can i introduce you to them?¨
¨Of course you can.¨ then she pecked me on the lips I hope it turns out okay.

A/N Okay i know this chapter sucked ass sorry for my use of words but thank you guys so much for reading this story. I plan on making like 20-30 chapters and then its ending and i might write a sequel if people want me to.  

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