Be okay ❤️🤘🏽

please read! And hope you guys like


23. im so sorry

okay so ive been very inactive and i know i promised that i wouldnt be but stuff has been happening. not that anyone cares but i just wanted to say. the reason is that ive been more sad lately. im also sad but now its just worse. like i have dreams about killing myself and thoughts. and ive been wanting to self harm more lately. idk like i have a bf right now but like i wanna break up with him because of the issues but i dont want to hurt him or anyone else. all of my friends say that im so thoughtful that i put everyone before my self and i need to take time to just figure out whats wrong and everything. and i was gonna break up with him today but i didnt want to hurt him so i decided not to . i just dont know what to to. And my family has just been worse and everything. orry for the rant not that anyone cares. but i will try to post more! 

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