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please read! And hope you guys like


4. Everything is finally right

Lukes P.O.V 

I bumped into someone when i walked into school. Her books fell out of her hands i got down to help her pick them up and when i finally look up i saw her hazel eyes sparking into the sun.
¨ Omg im so sorry. I wasnt looking where i was going.¨ she wispered yelled ¨im a idiot¨ she mumbled to her self 
¨ Its okay. Are you new? I havent seen you around here before.¨
¨ Um yeah i just moved here todays my first day. and i already made a fool of my self.¨ she chuckled
¨ I Figured cause i would have noticed such a gorgeous girl waking around here.¨  Oh my god did i just say that im such a idiot.
¨ Oh thank you.´ she was blushing well she was trying to hid the fact that she was blushing
¨ You dont have to hid the fact that your blushing. You look cute¨ I chuckled she began blushing more
¨ Im Annabelle.¨
¨ Im luke. Do you need someone to show you around??¨
¨  yes please this place is like a maze.¨
I chucked she was so cute...
¨ Um luke? Your staring¨
¨ Oh um sorry its just your beautiful.¨ I said blushing 
¨ OH um thank you.¨

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