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20. Chapter 14 :0

Annabelles p.o.v

" Okay can you guys let me go now." (A)
" Oh yeah sorry Annabelle." ( M) 
" You guys can call me anna" (A)
" OK!" (Ash)

for the rest of the day i atleast had one class with the boys. The final bell rang signalling that school was out!
I went to my locker and got everything i needed. Until a girl caked in makeup and her skirt barely covering her ass and a shirt that was obviously to small. 
" Stay away from luke. Hes mine" (?)
" Well if he was actually yours you would be dating him but your not so..." (A) 
" Shut up! Your just a slut who's fat and ugly and doesn't have a life." (?)
" fuck you you little whore." (A)
i slammed my locker and walked to my car, i got in a cried i don't know why she got to me but she did and what people say about me actually matters,
I drove home with my eyes blurry from the tears that wanted to escape. I walked inside my house ignored my mom and walked to my room. I threw my bag on the floor and went to my dresser. I grabbed something oh so familiar to me

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