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18. chapter 13 :)

A is annabelle L is for luke C is for calum M is for michael and As Is for ashton

Annabelles p.o.v

We got our lunch and went outside because apparently the boys eat out their. I was next to luke, calum was on the other side of luke, and michael and ashton were wrestling. 
" Hey annabelle whats those lines on your wrist." (M)
i look at look so he can come up with an excuse but instead he whispered
" if you trust them you can tell them" (L)
" I - i um cut myself.." (A)
" Why?" (M)
" You dont have to tell us annabelle" (C)
" No its fine i need to tell you guys if i trust you." (A) 
" So it all satrted before i moved......... (FLASHBACK) 

" Hey babe"
" Hi" i smile weakly
" whats wrong"
" Caleb im moving again"
" No your not" He said angirly 
" Im sorry but my mom got..." I was cut off when his hand came in contact with my now stinging cheek
" You bitch your not leaving me" 

he pushed me to the ground and started beating me kicking my ribs and punching my face and he wouldn't stop kicking and punching me. He was yelling out all the bad things about me 
" Your a worthless peice of trash. Your so ugly. I dated you because i need the popularity. Your a slut. Your so fat." The worse part was i believed him and i still do I was begging him to stop pleading for him to stop. Then i was numb i didnt feel anything he continued to beat me but i was numb i wasnt feeling it. he finally left and slammed the door shut. I just layed their crying

Flashback over" (A)
" After that my bestfriend kevin came to my house and cleaned me up."
when i was done with my story Calum and ashton were crying and luke and michael looked so mad their faces red and knuckles turing pale.
" If i ever see that douche im going to kill him." ( M ) 
" Its okay michael." (M)
" No its not okay Annabelle he shouldnt have touched you." (L)
" Babe its okay its in the past." (A)
Calum jumped up and tackled me in a hug only to have all the others join in. 
" Okay i love you guys but your killing me." (A)
After saying that it only made them hug me harder.




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