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15. Caught!

Ashtons p.o.v 

i was walking in the hall wall and i spotted a girl crying and running to the nearest bathroom. Wait i know who that is. THATS  ANNABELL! what is she doing why is she crying. i decided to run after here into the bathroom. And yes i know its a girls bathroom bu9t i dont care if one of my friends are crying i woul do anything to make sure they are alright. I walked into the bathroom and i heard sniffling. and i knew that was annabelle
¨ Annabelle? Are you okay?

Annabelles p.o.v 

i ran to the bathroom but i also saw ashton on the way. i really hope he didnt see me. i locked myself in the stall and dragged my self down the crying. i wish it can go away. im tired i just want it to end. 
¨Annabelle are you okay?¨
¨ Um yeah ashton go back to class.¨
¨ NO your not fine open the door please¨
¨ im fine ashton please go¨ 

i heard footsteps and a door close. Ashton left. i got up and opened the stall and their he was standing aganist the sink.
i tired to run back in the stall but i think he knew what i was about to do because he ran up to me and dragged me away from the stalls. 
¨ Annabelle whats wrong please tell me please¨
¨ Im tired ashton of everything i just want it to stop. please making it stop.¨ 
By now i was already on the floor crying. Ashton kneed down next to me and hugged me i didnt hesitate to hug back. he pulled away from the hug and stared at me. intensely may i add. he was flicking threw my wrist and face. SHIT! He saw my scars. i pulled my wrist back but i was to late he pulled my wrist towards him.

¨ annabelle whats this?¨

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