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21. broken

Annabelles P.o.v 

I drove home with my eyes blurry from the tears that wanted to escape. I walked inside my house ignored mt mom and walked to my room. I threw my bag on the floor and went to my dresser. I grabbed something oh so familar to me. I grabbed a razor. i bought it up to my wrist and slit it. I slit one for being ugly. I slit two more for being fat. I slit three being me. I slit four for being alive. I slit five for being worthless. I slit six more. All together my wrist was ruined. I fell to the ground crying and my wrist bleeding. Luke barged into the room and look around my room until his eyes landed on me.

Lukes p.o.v

I walked out of my math class and went to my locker. The stupid Until i spotted lily talking to annabelle. Annabelle said something,slammed her locker shut and ran out of the school. I chased after her knowing if she was crying she was going to do something. I ran outside to find her already gone. I didn't know where she lived so i ran to the office asking for her address saying it was an emergency. Seeing the panic on my face made the secretary give over the address. I bolted out of school and drove to her house. I knocked on her house and her mom answered.
" Hello" (Kim)
" Hi ms.Colt im luke one of annabelles friends i was wondering if shes home." (L)
" Yes dear shes home. But please call me kim. come in please" (Kim)
" Okay.  Thank you ms.col- I mean kim." (L)
" You can go on upstairs its the door to your leaf." (kim)

i walked up stairs and barged into her room. i looked around her until my eyes landed on her.

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