Be okay ❤️🤘🏽

please read! And hope you guys like


1. begining


´I love you¨ She said. She has never been more open in her life and having a romantic picture in her head that he would say the same thing to her but instead he walked away not telling her how he really felt leaving her in the hallway not knowing what hes thinking making her picture the worst. He knew he loved her but he kept his feelings bottled up inside, so he did what any boy would do when they are scared he walked away letting the girl of his dreams there alone with tears streaming down her face. He wanted to yell ¨I LOVE YOU!" but he didnt have the courage to he just kept on walking away. Until finally he turned around and ran over to the girl of his dreams lifting her high into the air and finally saying ¨ I love you to,¨ Her hair flying all around her, Her face glowing with excitement. He finally put her down and wiped away her tears and whispered into her ear ¨ Im so sorry baby. Dont cry i love you.¨ They looked into each other eyes and started leaning into each other until finally their lips met and all was right in the world. 

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