The Apartment

What will happen when Theo Blaise Pansy Harry Ron Neville Luna Ginny Fred Draco and Hermione are all forced to live In the same apartment.
An: If you don't like the usage of words such as hell this is not the book for you sorry - Nikiz��


1. A highly unlikely bunch

​The minister regarded the 11 young adults in front of him and chuckled. " well, you all know why you're here you have to live together" you could practically feel the tension between the 12 people in the room. The minister continued " you are going to have to get along, although you guys are a very highly unlikely bunch I believe you can make I work" Draco let out a short " if you think that I'm living with these bloody idiots your horribly mistaken." The minister narrowed his eyes at Draco just as Hermione piped up. " I think Draco meant to say that he would be happy to live with ANYONE else but us" The minister looked at Hermione and smiled " I mean what I said" Draco cut in The minister again regarded the group in front of him "I think you guys can make I work" Pansy let out an exasperated sigh Ron was an ugly shade of green Harry looked indifferent Blaise was eyeing pansy Luna was mumbling about spacka somethings Fred was elbowing Ron Draco was trying to figure out a way to kill everyone in the room without going to Azkaban and Hermione wanted to know what the apartment would look like and Neville looked like he was about to cry. Oh, what an unlikely bunch they were

​An: Okay I know this chapter is like really bad but I promise that it will hopefully get better but please Comment and tell me what you think alright love ya'll - Nikiz

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