Vader's Apprentice

Read the Authors Note at the beginning.


1. Authors Note

Okay, so anyone who clicks on this I know what you're thinking. "Darth Vader already has an apprentice, Starkiller!" 

Yes he did, but after the first Force Unleashed game, he would need a new one. See there are two endings in Force Unleashed: first one is Starkiller kills Darth Vader, which can't be true for obvious reasons; so that just leaves the second, where Starkiller is killed. So Starkiller couldn't still be alive. The second Force Unleashed game just tries to make a profit by saying that Darth Vader cloned Starkiller.

Well for the sake of arguing with the canon I don't think they could clone a dead Starkiller, so that would mean one of two things. Either firstly, Starkiller dies and then the events of this story unfold, or Starkiller was already a clone but lets just say no to that seeing as it was never shown in the first.

Thats where this story will tie in, after Starkiller.

By the way, this may be written in a strange order, due to flashback chapters

So let's get it going, shall we?

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