Christmas Message

To the One I love at Christmas


1. One

Last Christmas, I had no heart 

Where there was once brightness and light 

Joviality and excitement 

There were crushed memories, empty husks 

That once held enchantment 

 My trust and body were shattered 

Like a millions shards of glass 


I was irreparable, a shadow of my past 

On the ropes, nearly out 

You pulled me from the gutter 

Showed me life was worth living 

 Over the year you rebuilt my soul 

 you gave me hope, gave me love and friendship 

Made me dream of a decimal future 

Shining within my grasp  like a diamond in the skies 


Your love laid bare for me to see 

Enchanting images in my mind. 

 Now I see the future 

Our dreams together entwined 

A life spent in harmony 

Christmas spirit rebuilt 

Festival of light exploding everywhere 

Like two stars melting into each other 


 I want to make your dreams come real 

As you have done for me 

No harshness, no doubts, no insecurities 

I want to build your dreams around you 

Make your world safe and secure 

In my arms I will make it so  


 So at Christmas I want to say thanks 

For all the love you give me unreservedly 

My future is yours, my past forgotten 

I want to keep that smike upon your face 

And hear that laugh in my ear 

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