Gemma and Danny love each other. They have been together almost ten years and everything is perfect. But then Danny receives his news. A new cancer is spreading through his body, a cancer that will affect his gender hormones. Immediate action must take place if he is to be given the chance to survive. We all know that cancer ruins the most innocent of lives. It will be hard for Danny and Gemma in a truly unimaginable way never seen before. It's time for an unchosen change.


2. Before 🌸 - chapter 2

Before 🌸 - chapter 2


I was driving Danny to the hospital. I knew that he couldn't drive himself there, or back, because he was stressing so much. He'd get distracted and crash or something, and we didn't want that to happen so I was driving. Simple as that. No debate about it. Danny gets worked up about things easily, somethings scare him. He gets frustrated that he can't do stuff that other people can because he gets frightened. Then he gets worked up and annoyed at how scared he can get and will get stuck in a cycle. I try my hardest to help, but it's hard. I don't know if I make him feel better. I think I do. I'm not sure. Anyway, until now, we'd been fine, and then of course that stupid phone call had to arrive asking for a check up at the hospital.

I watched Danny as I was driving, his was clenching and unclenching his fists. He caught me looking at him and lay them flat on his lap.

"It's gonna be ok," I told him.

"Yeah," he said whilst looking out of the window. I leant forward and turned the radio on. His fingers and feet started twitching to the beat as we both sang along to the songs. We arrived and I parked the car in the lot. It was a nice place where every ten bays where separated by a tree from the next ten. Once we were out, we headed for the entrance. I took Danny's hand. He was breathing normally so he couldn't be feeling too bad. That was a good sign that I hoped would prove a positive omen for the coming tests.

To reach the entrance, we had to walk on thick interlocking patio stones. Reaching up from the side of the path and creating a ceiling above us were neat wooden framework. Sweet peas and flowering climbers wove their way through the planks, colourful hanging baskets hung from the timbers creating a fresh and clean feel. I could feel Danny's hand relaxing in mine. I remember as we walked along, a small, lone, pink blossom tree stood swaying gently in the morning breeze. As if by magic, some of the dainty pink flowers swirled off their branches. They were twirling in a circle around us. I smiled up at Danny. I was worried he may be scared by this sudden strange event. He wasn't.

It was like a scene out of a fairytale. Danny leant down and took my face in his hands. He kissed me and I kissed him back. The small whirlwind had died down and we were left standing there. He smiled back down at me. Putting his arm around my waist, we proceeded towards the hospital waiting desk. An old lady in a light blue dress sat behind the computer. She peered down at us over her thinly rimmed glasses from her high seat.

"Name?" She asked softly.

"Danny Cotra." He'd said it strongly and without hesitation before I'd even the chance to open my mouth.

"Room 9, fifth on the left." We thanked her and started off down the white wash corridor.

"Ah, Mr Cotra?" A man in a white lab coat with large titanium glasses rose from behind an orderly desk.

"Danny," Danny said with a nod.

"Well Danny, I'm Doctor Regnal," the man pointed at the seats opposite. We took a blue plastic chair each. "We'd like to run some blood tests if that would be ok?" Politely, he knotted his sturdy fingers on the keyboard in front of him. It wasn't a question, but Danny answered it anyway.

"Sure," he said. "But only if you tell me why." Leaning back in his chair, he looked the man in the eyes. "I don't believe this is just a checkup."

Doctor Regnal ran his hands through his hair. His calm figure was twitching and had become rigid. After a few seconds, he finally spoke.

"You're right." Faintly, a small smile flickered across his face. "You don't miss anything do you?"

Danny fixed him with a penetrating stare. The doctor fidgeted in his seat. "Ok," he hesitated again but Danny didn't break eye contact with the man sitting in front of him. "We found an irregularity in your blood a couple of years back. We didn't know what it was at the time, but after further research, we think we understand what it is, but we can't be sure, we need tests." Danny sat further forward in his seat. "This will be difficult for you to hear, trust me, I don't want to say it."

"Just do it."

"We think you have an unseen cancer."

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