Virtual World

She was almost in to her Mac, typing. As she have to submit the project she was working on for like days, without that project she could fail the examination. Trying hard to complete it, she finally made it through that tough routine after working for a week plus bearing the two weeks Exams.

She turns to her window pane glistening with the light of full Moon, she was fresh than ever, her sight was filled with love as she levels her hands upon the Grille and smiles,
"Oh I miss you so much..."


1. Virtual World.


Time flies…

It’s a truth not a lie!


The days will come…

The years will pass…


Like an old wood…

Without any branch!


What you have done?

For what you have repent?


What have you lost?

For what you have gained?


This virtual world is full of regret and sorrow! But,

Do you know what you have forgotten?


When have you seen the full moon rise?

When you have seen the clouds on the sky?


When have you seen the flower bloom?

When have you seen the Sun gloss?


When have you seen the sun rise?

When have you seen the Ocean waves rise?


When have you count the stars on sky?

When have you seen the dusk rise?


When have you got soaked by rain?

When have you spot an Eagle fly?


When you have caught a Butterfly?

When have you admired the glassy sky?


When have you seen the Mountain height?

When have you seen the Morning light?


The beauty of nature is what makes us Alive!

Are you still Alive inside?


Nothing got changed, just the weather

Time is yours like forever and ever!


Thoughts got changed, the change we bear altogether

As we walk away entering in this together!


We can still make the coming years Alive!

We can still prized those memories of joy.


We can still write history to our own pages!

We can still witness the Blue moon rise!


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