RuNnInG fOr My LiFe.TxT

Walking home...or am I?


2. Walking Back Home

As we walk outside we go to the spot where all the buses would pick us up.But today was a different day...For me at least.I told them that I did not want to wait and that I was gonna walk home.They said "Okay see ya dude" and I say "see ya" back.So I start to walk and also...It was like 4:20 or something like that.Basically it was getting dark.So there is a reason why I take the bus.If you don't know why well it's because I live far from the school.So by the time that I get back home it will be super dark.As I am a certain distance from the school I noticed that it was so dark.This was the point where I started getting worried because of the 50+ scary stories that were true.I was starting to jog and I was taking random turns and I didn't know why!I wanted to stop but I couldn't.Then the worst thing happened...(Must Remeber This!)My phone died.I swear that I charged it this morning!It was around 5:04 when I look at my my parents must be so worried.I was so scared.I started to hyperventilate when I noticed that there was no cars and no houses...But all that was here was...forest.Now I was about to crap myself!Then when I see "that" I was about to run for my life.

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