RuNnInG fOr My LiFe.TxT

Walking home...or am I?


5. The House

I was waking up to a weird room.Looking around and forgetting what happened last night.Looking at the windows it was just trees and fog.I was starting to notice that the house I was in was abandoned!Starting to remember what happened I was starting to shake a little.Then I go outside sitting down on the stairs.I just remembered that I left my phone back at that place.I starting to cry because I can't get help, wanted to go home, Had no food or water and not knowing what to do.I thought "Well this is the end..." With silence in the area that I was in I stopped crying because I thought I heard something in the house.I look and I was starting to hide.Then I thought "Wait...If I want to live then I need to fight for this house!" Standing up I started to walk very slowly in the house.Still freaking out I walk into what looked like the living room.Then I hear it in the basement.At this point, I walk into the kitchen and try to find a weapon.I find a longish old knife.I go back outside and walk kinda far from the house.I start to think of a  plan to get this "Thing" out.I have decided to go back to the house and open the old door very very slowly.

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