RuNnInG fOr My LiFe.TxT

Walking home...or am I?


3. Running For My Life

it's's quiet...It was time to run...It looks at me and I look at it.It walks toward me and I was walking away.It was slowly speeding up so was I...I was starting to run deeper into the forest.Then I realize that this thing is right behind me.I took a hard turn and it runs straight into a tree.This was a great time to run.I was like the flash at this point with full adrenaline and I was going up the mountain and I was running down a road.It was very foggy and I was freaking out.At this point, I thought I was gonna die.Until I see it Coming In the distance.It was not that weird creature but it was a car.It was stopping when I went straight in front of stops but...I was starting to regret that when I saw the old man step out of his car with something in his hand and the huge cartoon smile that made me think twice about what I had just done.

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