RuNnInG fOr My LiFe.TxT

Walking home...or am I?


4. Away...

The old man steps out of the car and with something in his hand and a terrifying smile on his face.Looks at me and starts to walk towards me.I was so freaked out at this point that I start to run.Then I forgot that my phone died and I take it out trying to get the power on.I obviously fail and I accidently drop my phone...I was gonna pick it up and the guy was there!So I leave it and I run for what felt like 10 minutes afraid that the man would get me...Just alone running away in the dark and it's foggy.At this point, I was very lost.I was saying to myself that "Nobody will ever find me!" crying now I was running and saw an abandoned house.I was running in and I open and close the door super fast not caring about anything else.Then I pass out.

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