RuNnInG fOr My LiFe.TxT

Walking home...or am I?


1. After School

FRIDAY DECEMBER 23 2:42 PM...It was time to go to chess club.So I go to my locker and I get my stuff like always, I head upstairs I see that one of my "Many enemies" was there but I did not care.It was the last day until my winter break and I wanted to go home but I wanted to spend time with my best friends.So my best friends jake and mark were with me acting like TVFilthyFrank,maxmoefoe,How To Basic(HTB) like always.I was fine with it.I would be like them sometimes and obviously, people would think that we are crazy or something.But like I said I was fine with it.Now it was time to go.Also, my name is Navin.

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