He Was Different

Brelynn Carter is a 16 year old girl who wants nothing but the usual things a teenage girl wants--- a boyfriend, freedom, and to live her life. When she meets Hayes Grier she gets everything she could ever want including more. How could such a perfect man like him want an ordinary girl like Brelynn? Read to find out!


2. Chapter 1

"Bro!! She's so hot!!! Who is that?" I could recognize that voice anywhere. It was Hayes Grier. He must be hanging out with Taylor. "Um, that's my sister! What the hell, dude?!" said Taylor. Oh no, I do not wanna go down there looking like this. I hopped out of bed and brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, put on a little bit of makeup, and got dressed. I put on Nike shorts, a big t-shirt, and my Birkenstocks. I walked downstairs, and there he was. Hayes Grier. I had to play it off like I didn't hear him just call me hot. "Good morning Taylor. Good morning Hayes." I said cheerfully. "Oh hey, Bre!" said Hayes. I made some coffee and put some hazelnut creamer in it, because plain black coffee in my opinion is disgusting! I walked in the living room and sat next to Taylor. "So what are you guys doing today?" I asked. "Oh, me and Hayes were actually gonna go to Panera in a few. Do you wanna go?" Taylor asked."Yeah, let me go get my phone and stuff! I'll be right back" I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed my cell phone, my purse and some money just in case. I walked back downstairs and we all got into Taylor's car and left. On the way to Panera, we just listened to music and talked. "Hey Bre, what's your snapchat?" asked Hayes. Was he really asking for MY snapchat? I'm sure it was nothing. "It's, um, brelynn.caniff" I replied. He said thanks and then we went back to talking about random stuff. I checked my phone and went on snapchat. I added Hayes back and he snapchatted me. I giggled and opened it, it was a picture of him with the dog filter. I sent one back with the dog filter but I had to make sure it was cute. It took at least 4 pictures, but I finally got the perfect picture and sent it to him. He opened it immediately and he smiled. "What are you guys doing?" asked Taylor "Oh, we are just snapchatting." responded Hayes with a slight giggle. Taylor rolled his eyes and kept driving. Hayes and I snapchatted the whole time. He was so cute, and funny. But, I could not let him find out that I had feelings for him because that would just be awkward. We finally arrived at Panera and walked in. I ordered a macaroni and cheese in a bread bowl. I got us a table and shortly after Hayes came and sat down next to me. I smiled and said "Won't Taylor be upset that you're sitting next to me and not him? He has a tendency to get jealous and protective over me." Hayes looked at me in the eyes, "Well, I guess he can just deal with it." "I can deal with what?" said Taylor as he walked over with all of our food. "Nothing." I said back to Taylor. I grabbed my food and started to eat. I was a really slow eater so Taylor and Hayes were done eating when I wasn't even done yet. They both started to talk about Magcon and their upcoming tour. "Man, you guys are so lucky. I wish I could go on tour." I said with a frown. "Well maybe you can! Our manager said we could bring anyone we wanted." exclaimed Taylor. Taylor and I have been very close ever since our dad died from lung cancer a couple of years ago. Our mom wasn't in our life very much. Although we lived with her, she was never home. "Really?!" I said with a smile. "That would be so fun!" said Taylor. Taylor called his manager to make sure it was okay. His manager said yes. "Okay, so, we leave tomorrow. We have to be at the tour bus at 8 a.m. It's short notice so do you think you can pack everything tonight?" explained Taylor. "Heck yes!! I'm so excited!" I exclaimed. Hayes looked really excited too, but maybe it was about something else. I can't believe it. I am actually going on tour with Magcon! I finished eating quickly so that I could get home fast and start packing! Ah man!! I'm so excited! Just me and 12 boys on tour! This was going to be a fun and weird experience but I was up for it!! 

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