My days.

Well I really want help. I'm partly Insane, Crazy, and Etc... I want to see if any of my followers/readers can help me out or give me advise. Okay? Thanks.


5. #5 February 21, 2016, Monday 10:57

Hey sorry for not really updating last week! I was at my best friends house, Savannah, although I call her Asa-chan and me as her 'Waffle-Senpai' cause me love waffles -_- back off meh wafflez. Anyways Saturday is Coma-con i think it's called and Asa-Chan is taking me with her again. Yes, again. This is our second time going together and we are cos-playing as Deidara and Hidan from Naruto Akatsuki and so far we just need the pants, Rings, headbands, and Hidan's Jashin Necklace. I need to work on the necklace and see if I have dark green nail polish. Yes, every birthday and Christmas I get a pack of nail polish. Don't ask it comes in handy sometimes although I don't use it often I will sometimes. It's all black and has an A on it for my first name, A(Beep) . Again i'm in math class and I gotta work on I'm Not INSANE! now to see ya guys tomorrow!!!

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