My days.

Well I really want help. I'm partly Insane, Crazy, and Etc... I want to see if any of my followers/readers can help me out or give me advise. Okay? Thanks.


4. #4 February 15, 2016, Wednesday 10:40

Well again i"m in math class. Ty is trying to get me on google docs or something and we just 'learned' another small lesson. Mrs.Jordan is showing is us math songs and its so annoying to be honest. Oh god, yesterday i had so much chocolate and caramel it was so good!!! The only part of Valentines day was the chocolate, who else with me? Anyways not much has happened, I'm reading 'Death Note: LA BB Case' online and it's kinda weird having Mello tell the story, ya know, cause he died 'n' all. (RIP Mihael Kheel!) I really liked Mello to....... :( Anyways tomorrow I got speech again for my 'R's so thats fun (Also cause I get to skip my last day part) and speech is kinda fun I get to talk to my friend Alexander and when he leaves i get to ramble to my speech teacher for 5 minuets so that part is fun and she don't even try to correct my R's! Anyways i'm gonna work a bit on 'Im Not INSANE!' book now bye bye!!

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