My days.

Well I really want help. I'm partly Insane, Crazy, and Etc... I want to see if any of my followers/readers can help me out or give me advise. Okay? Thanks.


2. #2 December 24th, 2016, Saturday 2:21

Hey sorry for now updating yesterday just really busy with last minuet gifts and stuff, I even made my best friend Ross a batch of duct tape red roses with one white one and a tag saying 'The day these flowers die is the day our friendship ends.' and their duct tape so you get the point. Also do not forget to read some of my other story's i'm working on like 'I'm Not INSANE!', 'Stolen Love', and 'A new form of Love'. I know not many parts but i'm working them all at once so chill will ya'? 

Really nothing happened Chan drama still goin' on and i'm not even gonna bother any more with him cause who want to hang out with a freaking JERK who HURTS me like it's nothing!? Anyways i'm calmed now and Nightcore will help anything  ( to me ) and I'm not gonna text the jerk or even think about him anymore cause i'm a strong girl! I can handle this! If i couldn't then what kind of author would I be? Anyways not much to talk about really. My grandpa's in a crappy mood and its CHRISTMAS EVE MAN! Hes been like that yesterday as well. It's weird and my anime is going well. Two more episodes of black butler: Book of circus or Noah's Ark then i'm done with all the black butlers. I didn't do them in order though, i didn't mean to so I did Black butler, Black butler 2, black butler book of Muders then Black butler Book of circus. Any gtg gonna write with 'I'm Not INSANE!' for a bit. Bye Bye my Dinosaurs!!!

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