My days.

Well I really want help. I'm partly Insane, Crazy, and Etc... I want to see if any of my followers/readers can help me out or give me advise. Okay? Thanks.


1. #1 December 22nd, 2016, Thursday 7:59

Hey, uh, this is my very first time writing about myself and everyday so i just kinda like ramble about my day but as you see at the top it's pretty late in MB and it's now 8:00 AM i think its AM, I'm not positive though. My lil bro, Caleb, just hit me in the head with a almost full Mountain Dew and OW! Well, lets start with my name or my code name for Movellas, Hi, my name is Ashton Taibas and my likes are Nightcore, Anime, being alone, reading, drawing, Rock music, and the dark. My dislikes are People, Cheaters, my father, my brother and most normal pop (today) music, i mean like WHERE DID THE 900'S GO?!?!?!?!?! DX My life goal is to become a Artist, writer, or a ASPCA helper. My age is 11 years, brown hair, and blue eyes that turn from Blue to Blue silver, Silver, Blue green, and Green silver. Caleb just like me just WAY shorter at 9 and has chocolate brown eyes. I'm a smaller version of my mom and Caleb of my dad, even I get his anger issues! XD My favorite quotes right now are 'What matters is not what the world does to you, but how you respond.' and 'Friends are like shadows, they follow you in the light and everything good, but leave you in the dark to face your own demons.' the second one in my most favorite. And yes, i am writing at different  times of day. gtg my lil Satan Spawns! 

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