the story of how i died

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1. Q3U

Sure we all want to feel special some times but if you think about it those tiny moments that made you feel special might just be the reason you live. As a kid I was so interested In being a part of the greater good like saving mankind from its impending and inevitable doom, yeah happy thoughts from a 5 year old girl with no life. Me just like many other people in my graduating class didn't really know what to do after high school I mean I didn't have the grades to become a Astro physicist but was still interested in the greater good. So I applied for TNGG (Texas north greater good)

YOU still haven't gotten your grmail? Asked my best friend Abby. Before I go into anything I need to explain that this story takes place from when I was in high school not after that and that we have far more advanced technology then the other branches.(I will explain what branches are later) any way back to the story! No Abby and can you just get of my back about it I don't really want to talk about it! God he made me so annoyed Sometimes that didn't help my desperate crush on him. Hey Abigail! Yelled the schools biggest and rudest and most popular bad boy. Marcus.

Fuck."come on Abby let's get going" I muttered

"No. I am tired of hiding behind my books and letting this asshole push us around I can't do it any more Saba or so god help me I want to punch the living daylights out of him even if I get suspended it wont matter we are all going to die any way I might just die sooner"Abby looked at me and gave me the last glimpse of him that I would ever see again he smiled sadly at me"I am so sorry Saba I just can't, I can't any more" he shoved Marcus


"I am so sorry Saba." He smiled grimly and leaned in and kissed me.

That was my first and last kiss ever.

I was so shocked .

then he died Abigail Ross my best friend died while fighting Marcus it wasn't a bloody death just a nice quiet death as if he suddenly went unconscious he knew what was happening and went for it. I fell to the floor not because I was mourning Abby but because Marcus was coming over.

"Hey Saba. Sorry about that no hard feelings k?" That little lunatic he just killed my best friend and asked if there was no hard feelings?! Marcus extended his arm out to help me up.

Wrong move motherfucker.

A/n wrote this in like 20 minutes so sorry if there are an mistakes(;

I swung my feet and they hitched around his ankles and he was falling face first onto the schools tiled floor he fell to the ground with a sickening crunch I knew that if I stayed still than I would have ended up like Abby. I must admit it was tempting but Abby would not have been happy if I did that. And with that the bell rang

Thank the lords! they wouldn't be able to trace my heat signature with all the people milling around Marcus. I bolted for the schools doors and burst out. They wouldn't be able to get me where they can't see me I ran as fast as I could past the schools and past the old oak tree that Abby and I protected over the summer when they were going to chop it down. I ran I ran as far as my long legs could take me I could still smell the sea from here but the scent was stronger. Just a little bit farther and I could get to the boats and then I could finally leave this retched place.

A/n well I hoped you like that . again I wrote it in like five minutes so sorry if there are some spelling mistakes I will try and update as soon as possible byyyeeeeee(;n

Run run run run.

I am worried that Marcus had followed me here but then I remember that he is dead

Is cold sigh of relief escapes me.

I drag the old boat out of the cave that me and Abby lived in for the summers. The scent of old wood and sea salt filled the room. The smell of Abby. I held my breath while dragging the boat out onto the sand. I am not weak I am strong and I WILL SURVIVE. I can survive I don't need anyone I WILL travel to nesterfall and find the resistance and I will demand that I will have the head of the president once l kill him. Yes that's what I am going to do and I kept repeating that in my head those words would have driven anyone insane but as they say "you can't break what's already broken" even if it is sanity. The wave crashed against the old wooden boat. I gingerly got into the boat and started paddling as far away from main land as possible. (I realize that this might sound confusing to the reader's because it sounds as if they should be so much more knowledge worth of knowing but don't worry I promise that I'll explain it later just be patient until then. )" Saba?" Yelled someone in the distance. Just keep going I told myself it's probably the one of the shop owners who noticed that I had ran past them. But something was wrong I recognized the voice that had yelled my name

But that was impossible he is dead

I think I might stop writing this movella sry bye



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