Princess in a Castle

Annie-Kate Abbott, after being in a horrific plane crash that killed her parents, has been put in an orphanage and has been separated from her younger brother Joseph. The siblings can't cope without each other and are in despair as it is. Will the Abbott orphans ever get their old luxurious life back?


1. The Crash

The date was the 16th of April 1915. It was me and Josephs first plane ride and I was only 13. We were travelling to Italy to see our grandparents. There had been terrible storms the past week and we expected to have bad turbulence on the journey. As the plane lifted off the ground I felt like my whole stomach was doing somersaults. Half way through the flight, the plane started to shake. I had butterfly's in my tummy. "Don't worry," daddy assured me while he squeezed my hand ", we'll be ok."  Although the shaking was getting worse, and worse and worse… At this point I was getting worried. Then, I felt the plane going down, down down. I looked at my parents for the last time, and the plane hit the ground. The last thing I remember was someone lifting me from the remains of the destroyed plane. I can remember someone saying to me "Annie-Kate, can you hear me? Annie-Kate..." and their voice faded away. I had no idea what was happening or what had happened. I woke up in a hospital and started screaming for my brother, my mummy or daddy. I needed to see one of them. The nurses tried to settle me, but wasn't going to rest until I knew where my family were. So they wheeled Joseph into my ward. He was just as uneasy as I was. Once we had talked for a while the doctor said we needed rest and separated us. We were both badly injured and didn't get out of hospital for a month or two. But about a week after the crash doctor Blatchford sat us both down and told us we had to talk.  The good news was we would get out of hospital in about two or three weeks.  I could tell he was trying to drag out the good news as much as possible.  So he finally came to an end and said ", we didn't want to tell you and stress you out while you both had such bad injuries." I could sense the tension in the room.  "But in the plane crash, both of your parents died almost instantly." doctor Blatchford said.  Everything went silent.  I could feel a stream of tears swelling up in my eyes.  I felt like I was screaming but nothing was coming out.  I could see Josephs face.  He looked distraught.  "We tried to save them," the doctor said ",but it was too late."  "What will we do now?" I thought "where will we live? How will we live?"  It was like the biggest, hardest wooden spoon had just smacked me right in the face!  "Although don't worry! We will take care of you until we have made some arrangements... I'm so sorry for your loss" the doctor told us.  As we were wheeled back to our wards. So many thoughts were whirring around my head like a hurricane.  The next few weeks, lying in that hospital bed, were a complete blur.  "What will we do now?" I thought ",everything will be different now."  My grandparents arranged and paid for the funeral, though they couldn't come home to England because they were too old and tired.  As I got ready in my huge, lifeless bedroom into my black lace dress, I looked in the mirror and thought of my mother.  She loved this dress, and my father always called my called me 'his little princess' when I wore it. I felt teardrops rolling down my face. Then doctor Blatchford strode in.  I quickly wiped away the tears.  He came up behind me and said ", You look beautiful Annie. You're parents would be so proud."  Just then, Joseph walked in, wearing his Sunday best. I could tell he had also been crying. "Well then!" doctor Blatchford announced ",we should be on our way." So we walked down the grand staircase and headed for the door.  Doctor Blatchford escorted us to the funeral in his shiny black Rolls Royce.  As we approached the chapel we could see a crowd of people gathered around the door of the chapel. I wrapped my arm around Josephs trying to hold in my tears. Doctor Blatchford parked his car and got us out of the back seat.  As we were walking into the chapel the crowd of people separated. I think everyone there was staring straight at us in complete silence. We sat right in front of the coffins in the front seat.  The priest walked onto the altar. To me his words dragged on what it seemed like forever. As the funeral came to an end, I dreaded to see some of my fathers best work mates and friends pick up his and my mothers coffin out to the graveyard. Me and Joseph were the first to follow. Once everyone had gathered around they started lowering my parents grave. But that pulled the trigger. I dropped to my knees and started sobbing. That's when Joseph joined in. At that point everyone dispersed and people started guiding us away from the grave towards the Rolls Royce. Once me, Joseph and doctor Blatchford had got into the fancy car doctor Blatchford said ", We have to go back to your house." I wondered what was to happen now. "But why?" I questioned. "I'll explain everything when I get there." he said


































































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