The Night School

10-12ish Vampires to befriend, hell... Night school is a real whirl.


1. One.

Left, straight ahead, another left, a few paces, take a right, pause for breath, continue as so. I'll throttle the damn boy when I find him, It's like someone told him to hide from me... I put my bets on my younger brother Laito, the idiot. Usually I'd quit my quest and stop looking, the whole experience of this amount of effort is far too tiring for me, I figure that once my duty is done I'll just find a quiet spot in the corridor and head back to sleep. That thought keeps me going.

I'm just about ready to give up when I feel a light tap on my right shoulder and turn to face the shorter being behind me. It's exactly who I was looking for, typically. My younger half-brother Kanato, his face the usual mutual, (Dare I say creepy) smile, his purple hair hanging limp and making the bags under his eyes all the more obvious. His Teddy is clutched close to his chest, held tightly by his left arm.

That Teddy has always slightly given me the shivers, the way that Kanato carries it around with him everywhere, the way that It's glassy black eye stares at you wherever you stand, the other eye covered by a simple eye patch. I swear that thing moves of it's own accord...

Kanato tilts his head to the side slightly, "Subaru told me that you've been walking up and down the corridors like an idiot... looking for me... for the last... hour?" Being the youngest of my brothers of course Subaru had said that.

"It hasn't been an hour." I state harshly, sighing a moment after at his bored face. "But yes, I was looking for you dammit, where have you been exactly?"

"With La-" He starts to speak, but I cut him off,

"Of course you were, can we just talk and get this over with? God, you're such hard work." I sigh, rolling my eyes tiredly as he gently nods his head. "We've gotta skip next class, head to the Mukamis' household."

Kanato's face instantly falls into a frown, "No." He takes a step towards me. I harshly jerk backwards by instinct, who wouldn't? The boy is naturally quite intimidating. Even if he's more than a head shorter than you. "I don't like that family." He huffs, looking slightly hurt.

"Neither do I, but it concerns Ayato and so we're both going. You got that?" I raise my hand and lightly flick his pale forehead with my forefinger and thumb. I then jab his side playfully with a laugh at his reaction, which is more than serious.

"Teddy says stop, so stop that!" He growls with a light yelp, "Later." He turns on his heel swiftly and I watch as he turns the corner and out of sight. Leaving me to ponder about my five younger brothers and how they thought of me. Did they just dismiss me? Do they listen to me? Would they care if something happened to me? Do I treat them as I should...?

I shake off the still thoughts and find a quiet corner, sitting down, pulling my blazer tightly around my shoulders and falling into a light doze.


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