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1. Chapter 1

I was used to sitting in the car for extended periods of time. The town I grew up in wasn’t exactly full of interesting things. But I never thought I’d be taking this trip. Moving. The word just didn’t sound right. It didn’t sound right the night my mom said it at the dinner table. Not when I told Jenna and Mary. Even saying it in my head now sounds wrong.

But regardless of how much I disliked it, here we were, taking a 5 hour drive to our new home. I was leaving behind so much, so many things I thought I’d have forever. I lost my two best friends. I lost my hope in my pointless crush on Jake. It was all gone. It was hard to wrap my head around it.

I kept my headphones in the whole drive, angry at my mom. My dad of course, had no say being the alcoholic he is. He was like that since I was ten. After awhile, I just learned to keep my distance. He wasn’t really my dad anymore. More like a man walking around in a drunken, empty shell. My parents started to argue, the volume of it rising over my headphones. I just turned up the music and turned to look out the window.

The sun was setting. For some reason my mom insisted we get there at night, probably so no neighbors saw us getting dad into the house. The house. My mom went on and on about it after she mentioned moving. She mentioned how it had two stories, how it had a nice backyard, a wraparound porch. Typical mom shit. She wanted to be a soccer mom, but with a daughter as clumsy and shy as I was, there was no way she could possibly manage it.

I mean, at least she tried unlike my dad. She came to the stupid choir concerts scattered throughout my junior high years. Whereas my dad would be at home, with the company of stupid re-runs and cans of beer. Don’t mistake me for bitter, I’m not. I’m glad I don’t have one of those hawk-like dads. Like Jen’s.

Her dad was so over the top it was hilarious. He treated me the same as he treated Jen, knowing about my lack in the father department. One day when I walked to Jen’s with her, Shane had ran up to me and handed me a flower, running away shortly after. This was the third grade I believe. But her dad came out and laughed, looking at me for a moment then at his fleeing figure.

“He’s a good one,” he said and winked at me. I groaned, covered my face and stomped in the house, my light up shoes flashing red and blue.

I sighed. But of course we had to move. I looked out the window once more, realized I must have drifted off, for we were in a neighborhood, and dad was passed out. The sky here was oddly clear, stars popping out.

My mom pulled into a driveway, and I saw her cringe when a boy walked out of the next door home. She quickly got out, waved and went to open my dad’s door. He jumped when he awoke, and glared at my mom.

“What the fuck are you doing Amy?,” He shouted and she flinched. My mom was a delicate thing, but she refused to get a divorce, claiming it’d mentally hurt me. So she stayed strong.

“I’m going to help you into the house, we’re here,” She said calmly.

“Where the hell is here? Is this fucking rehab Amy? I told you I don’t need no damned- no damned no- no help,” he said, slurring at the end. She sighed and unbuckled him, helping him out. She took him into the house, and lucky for us he complied with no further complaint. I looked over to see the neighbor boy staring.

“Hey, uh, sorry,” I said, wrapping my arms around my waist.

“Ah don’t worry about it, s’not the worst thing I saw today,” he said with a smirk and I laughed.

“What would be the worst thing?” I asked, curiosity clouding my manners.

“Ah I don’t think I should tell you, I don’t even know your name,”, he said, and I mentally kicked myself.

“Crap sorry, I’m Skylynn”, I said and his eyes lit up.

“Hey I’m not the only one with a weird name! I’m Torren!”, he said, and I laughed, ignoring the slight insult.

“I suppose not”, I said.

“Hey, so we just met, I’m gay, I could be a murderer, but what is your sexuality and do you want to go to a party that started thirty minutes ago with me?”, he asked, and I laughed, trying to process everything he just dumped on me.

“Uhm, I’m straight-”, I said, about to answer the other question when he interrupted me.

“Booorinnnng! No it’s fine I’m kidding”, he said, and looked at me eagerly, awaiting the answer to the second question. I sighed.

“I have to ask my mom…”, I said and he laughed.

“Goody-two shoes much? I’ll stand here and wait. But keep in mind I’m already thirty minutes late”, He said, and gave me the evil eye as I walked into the house. I heard loud arguing, and I stopped in the hallway, thinking about just leaving. I decided on that. The guilt of leaving my mom alone to unpack was crushing, but I could handle it. I left a quick note on the front door, and walked outside to meet Torren.

We ended up walking to the house. Once we got there, it was startlingly obvious this party was not going to be enjoyable for me, I turned to look at Torren, to see his eyes wide, and his facial expression VERY happy. I sighed and followed him into the house.

We walked through the door into the house that held a huge group of teenagers. The whole place smelled like alcohol and weed. The music was blaring, and people were dancing, making out, puking, smoking you name it. A few people said hi, and I awkwardly waved back.

I bumped into someone, and the drink they had, ended up all over my sweatshirt. I groaned in frustration as they apologized. I walked up the stairs in search of a bathroom, the stranger still following me. I reached the bathroom and luckily no one was in there I shut the door behind me, probably in the stranger's face, but I didn’t care. I pulled the sweatshirt off and sighed at the disgusting smell of it.

I sunk down on the floor, and buried my head in my hands. I knew this party was a horrible idea.

“Hey...can I come in?”, Someone asked from the other side of the door.

“As long as it’s not to empty your bladder or throw up or anything of that sort, be my guest”. After I said this a guy came in, the one I bumped into downstairs.

“Hey...I’m sorry about your sweatshirt”, He said, running a hand through his already messy blonde hair. I shook my head.

“Don’t worry about it, I have a washing machine for a reason”, I said, and he laughed, his blue eyes lighting up. I stared at him for a moment, then returned my gaze to the ground.

“I don’t recognize you, what’s your name?”, he asked, as he sat on the ground next to me.

“Skylynn”, I said and he smiled.

“Weird but pretty. I’m Lucas”, He said.

“Thanks”, I said.

“’d you end up here?”, He asked.

“Well, I walked into this party and this stranger spilled his-”

“Not that, I already know that part of the story”, He said. I laughed.

“I moved tonight actually, met Torren Wise and he brought me here. Claimed it would be fun. I’ve never doubted anything more in my life”, I said, and we both laughed.

“Ahh Torren. Dude had a crush on me in 7th grade. I’m straight though, so it wasn’t exactly plausible…”, He said, trailing off.

“I should go home”, I said, and Lucas frowned.

“Or we could sneak up onto the roof of this house”, He suggested.

“Uh...wouldn’t the owners get mad?”, I asked and he laughed.

“This is essentially my house, my best friend Jake lives here”


“So...wanna?” He asked, and I shook my head. I wasn't one to act on impulse. I had just met him, who knows he could throw me off the roof.

“Aww that sucks. Want a ride home then?”, he asked. I sighed. Torren brought me here, and I felt he wouldn't be leaving until it was 1am. So in short, if I went home alone it'd be dark, and a boring walk home.

“Sure”, I said, and he stood up, grabbing my hand to help me. We left the house after weaving through the groups of sweaty people, multiple patting him on the back and shouting out loud, drunken greetings. With my bundle of a sweatshirt in my arms, I climbed into his car with him.

The drive was long and silent, the silence a comfortable one. It started to rain quietly, the rain tapping against the windshield. He sighed once we pulled up to my house.

“My stop”, I said and laughed quietly looking at the light blue home.

“Yeah. Hey uh, can I see your phone really quick?” He asked. I frowned in confusion and handed over my phone. He turned it on, then looked at me.

“Two questions, passcode, and uh, where was that picture taken?”, he asked. I grabbed my phone and quickly put in the four number passcode. I looked at the picture for a moment more, then handed over my phone once more.

“Oh. It was taken in Klamath, where I lived before here.”, I said, missing my home already. He handed me my phone after a few minutes. I sighed and looked at the picture once more before looking up at him.

“Thank you for taking me home”, I said and he laughed.

“Not a problem Skylynn. Thanks for trusting me with your phone”, he said.

“Hey. Who knows you could downloaded some nasty pictures or have some info for blackmail”, I said, and he laughed.

“I would never intentionally hurt you Skylynn”, he said, and my eyes widened.


“Alright. I should let you go. I hope you sleep well Skylynn. Here-wait one more thing”, he said and pulled my lips to his.

I kissed him back for a moment, only to pull away in fear that I had messed up. I had never kissed anyone before. I waved, and got out of the car, running up my front steps.

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