The Retail Price

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  • Published: 22 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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I made this in English Class , so yeah.


6. Chapter 6

When we went over to his house the next day, he was still passed out on lawn, like a hump of clothes. We walked over and shook him awake. He jolted up, as straight as a flagpole but shaking very much.   “Whats going on?” He said. “Where are they all? They were here!” My mother grinned at me. “Who was here?” She said. “All the people that were here.” He replied, obviously even more worried. “No one was here.” I said, fighting to keep a straight face. “You know what, this place isn’t worth selling, besides,” He dropped his voice. “ I think it’s haunted!” Then he ran inside but just for a few minutes. Then he came sprinting out only holding a few things. I could tell he thought just one more moment in this town would make crazy. We started walking back. My mom broke the silence, “So, how good are you?” I just smiled and kept walking, wondering how school was going to be.

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