The Retail Price

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  • Published: 22 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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I made this in English Class , so yeah.


2. Chapter 2

“Now that we have assignments done”,“Liv, pay attention!” my mom called.“we have some exciting news, our darling town has a new resident!” Called the mayor. Now that had my attention, this town never got new people. Everyone was looking around trying to find a new face. “People quiet down, he’s in the back.” I looked back and for a moment I couldn’t see anyone but then I saw him, a shadowy figure had stepped forward. He had on a sharp clean suit and walked with the pose I had never seen before. When he talked and he acted like this was a business meeting,” Why hello, everyone! I have seen this town and it’s … um … charm.” And with that sentence I so very hated him. He continued. “ I am the owner of the beautiful neighborhood right outside your town limits. I wanted to see how nice your area is, so I can buy it.” Everyone was murmuring, even the mayor's surprised look slided to a steady glare. The new guy continued his business like speech, “Now I like this town’s charm but it’s trash, garbage and just awful in general.” Now everyone was talking. “ Don’t worry you will be kicked out when I get permission to tear down this town.” I expected for him do an evil laugh at the end but nope, he just walked out the door of the auditorium. “Um… that concludes town hall.” The Mayor said shakily. That's when it hit me, the only unoccupied house was the one nextdoor. He was staying nextdoor! I looked at Mom she looked right back, she knew. That’s when it dawned on me, Mom would fine with it, so would everyone else if I saved the town, but that was a big if.

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