Keep a secret.

Two Girls. Multiple Paths. One life. One story. Follow the girls into a world of their own, of lies secrets and consequences as the trouble through hard hard times.


2. Science Room 12

Today I start school again. A new year a fresh beginning Chloe and I are ready to start again, put our past behind ourselves. Plus we have new class mates, new opportunities.

After I get ready my mum comes upstairs "Jade, we are leaving now." She glances down at the size of my bag and sighs. It's always like this too big, books. Soon we start heading to school.

As we arrive we get our schedules, classes and lockers. I look down at the paper. "I'm with Chloe again! Yay." I mumble. Chloe soon spots me from the crowd of mixed students and rushes over. We both go in for a BFF hug. "I have been so excited to see you!".

I nod back. Soon we start heading to our lockers.

At the end of the day I find a note in my locker. 'Meet me at the science department, room 12.'. Confused I go. I see an array of rose petals all across the floor. I deeply sigh as I know that.

"Hi babe.". I turn round to see a boy saying hi to someone else. It's Chloe....

I walk away quickly. That was so stupid! Thinking that was for me! CRAP. I hear mumbling and a little more. Stupid, love songs. As sick and fed up as I am I meet mum outside.

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