Set ten years after City of Heavenly Fire, this story explores what happened to Alec, Izzy, Jace and Clary. Clary, Jace and Izzy, are tasked with finding Shadowhunters and Downworlders who are unaware of who they are, and to help them discover their true destinies. However, friendships will be tested when their latest discovery is Έλενα Αυγερινός, needs their help to discover who she really is.

Not just this, but Έλενα has been through unimaginable hardships in her life. And, try as they might, she just won't open up to them about what happened to her. And why is she so scared of Jace?


2. Waking Up

"She's waking up.." Izzy's high-pitched voice pierced the silence of the infirmary. Without her brother, she found little excitement in anything. Finally, something had sparked her interest - a little mystery - the girl Clary had brought to the Institute under direct orders of the Clave. Nobody at the Institute had any idea who she was. In fact, even when her picture had been passed around in Idris at a recent Clave meeting, no one had even hinted at recognising her. She was just a little puzzle. Fortunately, the only thing Izzy enjoyed more than killing demons, kissing Simon, and teasing her brother, was puzzles.

"Hello!" murmured Clary to the girl lying on the bed. "How are you feeling?" Both Izzy and Clary looked expectantly at the slip of a person before them. She was tall with long, dark hair, and tanned, caramel skin. Her almond-shaped honey-brown eyes were her most prominent - almost startling perhaps - feature. Clary wasn't quite sure what she was expecting the girl's response to be, but the response she got definitely didn't fit the bill.

"If you're going to hurt me, can you just do it, then leave me alone." As Clary moved to sit down on the bed next to her, the girl flinched away from her.

"Why would we hurt you, honey?" Izzy said, concernedly. What could possibly have happened to this girl that she thought people would randomly hurt her.

"Because that's what happens." As Izzy reached out for the girl's hand to check for a Voyance rune, the girl flinched. The look on her face was nothing other than pure, undiluted terror.

"We're not going to hurt you. That's not how things go around here. What's your name?" As the girl curled up into a protective ball, Izzy spoke to her again. "You're allowed to speak. In fact, we want you to speak. If you don't talk to us, how are we supposed to help you? My name is Isabelle, but you can call me Izzy." She smiled encouragingly at the girl, and looked to Clary for support. "And this is my friend Clary. We're here to help you, so you need to stop being afraid of us."

Slowly - ever so slowly - the girl uncurled from her protective position. She whispered, "If it really is okay for me to speak, then, my name is Él..." Before the girl (who from here on shall be known as Elle because that was as far as she got) could finish, a loud crash made Izzy spring to a defensive crouch position, and made Clary pull out a long blade.

"Cassiel!" she whispered to the blade, and light flared up everywhere. Elle shrunk away from the light. "Don't worry. I'm sure that noise was nothing, just our cat, Church. However, we're still going to check it out. Stay here, and we'll be right back.

Clary and Izzy stepped out of the infirmary, and into the long, echoing corridor. Darkness had fallen, so Isabelle whipped out her witchlight rune-stone. She positioned herself in a basic fighting stance and proceeded to make her way along the corridor. The hunt was on.

Barely moments after they had stepped out of the room, Elle's fear finally overtook her, and she crept out into the eerily lit corridor, following Clary and Isabelle. As she peered round the corner, she saw a sight that truly confused and scared her. Clary was setting about dispatching a white blobby thing (a Raum demon), when fear once more seized Elle's troubled mind, and she sped back to the infirmary as fast as her long legs would carry her.

With a final shove of her blade, Clary killed the Raum demon, and black ichor sprayed over her left arm. The sound of sizzling flesh made her stop short. Huge, red blisters had risen up on her arm where the ichor had burned her skin.

"You really are out of practice, aren't you?" smirked Isabelle. "I dispatched two of those flipping Raum demons in half the time it took you to overpower one."

"Even if I haven't trained in a while, so what? I still got rid of it didn't I?"

"I guess so. It's just that only a few years ago, you and Jace were the most appraised warriors our world has ever seen."

"I've still got that fire now, Iz. That hasn't burnt out yet I've still got a lot of fight left in me."

Laughing together, the two girls left the entrance hall, and walked carefully toward the infirmary. But what they saw there shocked them...

The blankets had been torn off the beds and strewn across the room. the numerous tower-like cabinets of medicines had been knocked over, and their contents sprayed around. But most worrying of all, the latch on the window had been torn off, the window was banging round in the wind, and Elle was gone...

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