The Academy Of Magic

An action, fantasy, and romance novel about a mysterious girl named Asami attending a magical school for aristocrats. A blond haired prince in her class with perfect manners, or a second year dark haired mysterious man who's magic powers are at the top of his year?


2. Ch. 2 - The Test

The Academy was a large brick mansion covered by a fence and a barrier. Decorations, fountains, and an abundance of plants sprouted ornately around in the school grounds.

There was a building outside of the large entrance gates to the Academy. That was where the testing would be held. The testing is a yearly exam where commoners or people who don't have large noble titles can have a chance to enter the Academy. Of course, the fee to enter the exam was high, but Asami had her money.

Asami walked up to the door and knocked. A bulky man opened it.

“Money?” He snarled.

Asami took the bag from her belt and held it out to him. He snatched it and looked inside. His eyes immediately widened. It was a demon core of a S ranked beast, worth millions of gold coins. It was sufficient for the testing fee.

She started to walk in, but he held out his hand again.

“Cloak?” This time his voice was considerably nicer. He didn't want to anger someone who got their hands on that rare of a demon core. Asami handed it to him, revealing her long black hair, small frame, and electrifying green eyes.

As she walked into the waiting room, all eyes were on Asami. Her confidence from that morning was starting to lower, and she was tired from the long walk. She ignored the snickers from them. A small girl trying to get into the Academy? No chance, they thought.

Although Asami was the same age as everyone else in the room, sixteen, her build was considerably smaller and she was female. She was immediately dismissed. They didn't think of her as an enemy.


The wait was almost an hour until the group in the waiting room was allowed into the next room. Asami looked around. It seemed that there were about twenty total competitors there.

“Hello,” a massively muscular man came out, introducing himself and the first years’ weapons trainer and then proceeded to explain what they were doing in that room. “There are twenty-two of you. Twenty-one of you will be eliminated in this test. All you need to do is to fight me. You may use magic and weapons. Clear?”

Murmurs of ‘Yes’ and knuckles being cracked were heard around the room.

Deep breath. You can do this. You have been training for this. Asami silently got ready mentally. She wanted to go last, in order to judge the instructor’s skills. Asami had only fought monsters before, so she had no idea how the strength of man would compare to monster.

This first person to go up against the instructor was buff almost as much as him. Asami judged that it would be a brutal battle of brawn.

“Weapon and elements of magic you are the most skilled at?” The instructor kindly asked.

“Axe, and water.” Water was the second easiest element to control. Earth was the easiest.

The trainer signaled for him to come. The buff man ran at home with a huge blue axe, which was icy with the buff man’s water powers . The trainer jumped to the side, hooked his foot around the buff guy’s, and checked his watch. The buff man with the axe has fallen in just about half of a minute.

Asami was surprised. The battle was slow. Both contestant and instructor had millions of openings. This looked boring.

All the other contestants continued with varying levels of failure. Asami’s turn came soon. Another deep breath, and she stepped up to fight.

“Weapon and name?” The instructor asked.

“I am Asami and my magic is my weaponry” She answered. Laughter was heard around the room. Everyone knew that it took years to turn magic power to weaponry.

The instructor was told to take all contestants seriously. “Okay, then. What's your strongest magic elements?”

“Fire and darkness.” The laughter was louder this time. Those were the hardest elements to master. A little girl like her would have no chance! Furthermore, since the power of darkness was the strongest, it would drive its user slowly insane if they weren't mentally prepared enough.

The fight begun, and everyone watched to see the poor little liar to get beaten up. Bragging was looked down upon harshly in that world.

Asami activated her sword of darkness and her sword of fire, twin blades held in both of her hands. She moved, and all that could be seen was a blur. When everyone blinked again, they saw Asami with both of her swords at the throats of the instructor. She undeniably won.

“Congratulations,” The instructor said between his almost scared but shuddering breaths,

“Welcome to the Academy, Asami.”

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