The Academy Of Magic

An action, fantasy, and romance novel about a mysterious girl named Asami attending a magical school for aristocrats. A blond haired prince in her class with perfect manners, or a second year dark haired mysterious man who's magic powers are at the top of his year?


1. Ch. 1 - Morning

Asami woke at the first glint of morning light from the sun. This was an important day. She could not afford to be late. For this was the day she would take the entrance exams to attend the prestigious Academy, the only school across the large continent of Kiris that truly taught magic well. Furthermore, the Academy educated its students in advanced subjects, the art of weaponry, and real life demon fighting. When a student graduated from the Academy they would be officially recognized as a Hero Mage.

Asami got out of her bed placed in her rented room at the top of a three story inn overlooking the Central City Marketplace, or Central Market, as the locals liked to call it. The market was already bustling with people of all races, gender, and culture.

She put on her long brown flowing cloak which fit in with most of the other travelers, and laced up her black boots. She carried no sword, knife, or shield, unlike any rational traveler. Asami’s magic was enough to protect her.

Asami clipped on a small bag around her belt, and walked out, her soft footsteps mirroring a silent cat. Since outside of the inn was the Central Market, she was able to easily blend in with the crowd. Her quick feet and sharp eyes danced away from thieves.

As she walked, Asami breathed in. This was the smell of morning; freshly baked bread and cool, crisp air.

Finally, she reached it. The gigantic Academy.

It was time to show her skills.

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