A cat named Miula wants to share her story and experiences.


1. Miula

Ciao! My name is Miula. Miula is a beautiful name and was given by a waitress at a fancy restaurant where I visited her at least four times a week. Before that, I had no name. 


I live in a small town situated at the top of a plateu called Gattilum. I am not originally from Gattilum; my fate brought me there. I will tell that episode of my life later. Let me continue with self-introduction. I am five years old and I am crazy about hard-boiled eggs. I chomp on broccoli once in a while. Everybody needs a bit of green. 


Being a creature that keeps a stable yet distant relationship with people, I can proclaim that I am neither wild nor domesticated. I go to them for food. It's called begging, yes. I do not consider begging for food as a lowly profession. I would rather think that not every creature is gifted to beg. Therefore, I am a proud creature of my existence and ability to voice out my needs to people and gain their attention.


I am fully black with green, penetrating eyes. I have a slow confident gait that calls out to people to look at me. I know confidence and elegance are two essential characteristics that make me stand out among my many acquaintances who also indulge in the same begging profession. There are two types of competition. One has to compete in getting attention and in getting food. For the former, one has to develop attractive physical appearance and to some degree I will have to admit that some creatures have it by nature while others have to work on it. The latter is about physical strength and skill. When food is given, one has to take it with the right precision and speed. I develop speed and precision to avoid getting into fights. Unfortunately it does not work that way; no matter how hard I try to avoid disputes with others, there will always be one or two creatures who challenge me. I understand that food means survival and it can bring out hidden hostility in all of us.  


I do not have friends although there are many other names one can call among the relationships I have with the other creatures - neighbour, relative, lover, enemy, and partner. We are born independent and while we may interact with each other, our nature inhibits us to develop deep friendship. We have issues with trust. It is very difficult for us to trust anyone, even our own kind.  

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