A cat named Miula wants to share her story and experiences.


2. Gattilum

The place where I live is called Gattilum, a town situated at the top of a plateau. It's a town that is affected by weather and nature. Due to its position at the top of a hill, Gattilum faces incessant soil erosion that somehow contributes to its current condition untouched by modernity. The erosion has isolated the town from other nearby residential areas geographically. As it became more difficult to reach the other towns, a couple of hanging bridges were built. 


The buildings and houses here were built many centuries ago and the erosion had also made some of the buildings lose their base supports. Many families moved away hoping to find either better settlement or prospects. A small town such as Gattilum hardly offers its residents liveliness and excitement. It does not have the entertainment craved by youngsters. There is neither discotheque nor jazz pubs for people to gather and socialise. 


There are some restaurants that maintain the standard of Gattilum's traditional food at its best. Gattilum's traditional food is prepared from a mixture of natural herbs, flowers and spices. Ninety percent of the traditional food uses eggs and milk as main ingredients. One of the most famous food is a type of sweet and sour yogurt which is called dahijell. It is a type of tourist attraction; Gattilum depends on tourism to thrive especially now that many of its residents have left.   


Untainted by the world outside, Gattilum boasts of century-old architectural buildings. Places are connected by narrow paths with climbing steps between houses and buildings. Sloppy paths fill this town like cobbled snakes. Situated on a hill with fresh air allows the prosperous growth of plants with colourful flowers. Whether it is a porch or a wall, one can notice hanging pots with flowery plants or vines covering walls of buildings.


As the human population dwindles, my population grows. Gattilum offers tourists and cat lovers a place to enjoy relaxing strolls, panoramic views, delicious traditional food, and welcoming cats. One can see cats at every turn and corner. The bond between humans and cats is based on giving each other's company, be it to curb loneliness or for the mutual, reciprocal amusement between the two. 

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