A cat named Miula wants to share her story and experiences.


5. At the windowsill

There is a window of a hotel room in Gattilum that I love. That specific window has shown me many dramas. Flower pots hung from the windowsill. The window has white wooden frame with a wooden cross that divides the glasses into four equal rectangles. I like to jump onto the windowsill and look inside. If there is nobody in sight, I nap on the windowsill. 

One weekend, a lady checked into that room. I heard a door slam after baggage was dragged inside. She looked about the room, checking if every switch was working. Then she saw me. It was easy to spot me in a broad daylight, me being a piece of black sack. She opened the window and made a high pitched ‘miaoooo’. What a lovely voice.

“Cutie, how are you today? This is a beautiful place. How I wish I could stay here longer to enjoy the tranquility this place offers. I come from a very warm country.”

I don’t know many places, missy. I’ve been to only two places in my life. One is a big city called Rudlum where people rush everyone and everything in their life and this place Gattilum which has more cats than human beings.

“Would you like to have something to eat? I am a vegetarian so I’m afraid there is not much I can offer to an omnivore like you. You cats just come to us for food, is that not right?”

To some extent, yes, but not without effort. We put up a lot of fights, scratches, growls, jumps and rolls to earn our food.

“Well, I’ve been here because I need to get away from home for a while. I’ve lost my temper too often in the last weeks. I need to clear my mind and think of a strategy to work on.”

She walked to bed and sat down with a loud thump. She seemed to be in deep contemplation so I sat on the windowsill and closed my eyes.

“Alright, cutie. I need to talk and you provide a good company. I don’t want any judgmental response. You are the best that comes close to a listener but without the detrimental behavior of a human being!”   

“Have you ever thought about biting your tongue off for being spiteful? I have had that experience many times because I am a short-tempered person. I am also very impatient. I live with my sister and according to my observation, she’s a bit slow in understanding things expressed. A good example would be when she asked how to spell a word. I would tell her once and she’s start to type. She’d ask again and again and again; that made me lose patience. Deep down I know it’s not her fault and losing patience does not help the situation.

“The feeling of guilt for snapping her sometimes creeps into my mind at night. I don’t like the way I treat people especially my sister, who is my closest family. I have another sister but we have grown more and more apart. This sister I am living with is my eldest sister. I love her but I can’t control my temper. That’s why I feel terrible for being rude to her when it’s not necessary.

“We share household chores. Every evening after work, I prepare ingredients while she cooks them. She sweeps the floor and I mop it. She is divorced and has a son who is living with his partner. He will come to visit us once a week.

“I put effort every day to stop words from spilling over, words that are not nice. If you don’t have anything nice to say, you might do a good thing by keeping your mouth shut. More so if you face someone you love dearly. So, I put effort; so does she. She tries to be careful about what sort of questions she ask me and try to go along with my preference. Between us, I am the dominant one. She chooses to give in most of the time. She also has little commanding behavior. I know she hopes to gain more peace by getting along well with me. It makes me feel more guilt.

“To understand an idea does not enable a person to realise it. I understand a communication takes two to achieve. Just as my sister has an amount of difficulty digesting a message, I have equal responsibility to express it in the best comprehensive manner. Each time she fails to get it or shows signs of understanding a message, I lose it. I intend to practice that. Not every time I succeeded. I tend to forget and most of the times after I cooled down, I regretted being bitter.

“Being the only two occupants in the same flat, I have my part to do to keep our home peaceful. I won’t give up trying. A bit of improvement a day means a lot to me. Trying to change one’s natural behavior is tough and I admit I can’t even know when I’d be able to achieve a complete turn of attitude. I already feel glad to be able to improve bit by bit although I hope to improve much more than the ‘bit’.”

She gave out a deep sigh as if she at last found a way to exhale.

I simply enjoyed her melodious voice. When she finished talking, I blinked a few times to show her I understood.

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