A cat named Miula wants to share her story and experiences.


4. A lazy afternoon

I love to take naps. Every now and then whenever I finish cleaning myself and taking my round of visits to a few places, I nap. I visit houses and restaurants for both food and fun. There are not many families left in Gattilum as many had moved away. Tourists and employees are more available as objects of my intrigue. Meeting many new people every day is the best Gattilum can offer me. I never cease to be amazed by people and probably some of them do feel the same about cats.

Afternoon naps are the best times to revive energy as well as to provide a little company to lonely souls. I love to nap on a cozy sofa and I found the most welcoming one at a house lived by a man in his mid-fifties. He tells me stories of his life whenever I visit for naps. I am certainly amazed by his stories. It is not the same with him; he prefers to think that I am a living creature that offers solace for his stories. He starts with the same tone and greeting always.

“Hi there, my lovely cat. It’s Wednesday and what do we have today?”

He will search inside his fridge to find a fruit, sometimes it’s an orange, sometimes it’s an apple and other times there are wild berries.

“You know, my cat, they say a fruit a day keeps you young. I don’t agree because I think it’s all in the mind. Would you like to have a bite?”

He will laugh at his own offer, knowing well I don’t eat fruit. I just munch broccoli once in a while. That Wednesday, I was craving for a good nap. I walked straight to his brown sofa and jumped on it.

“Hey cat, you don’t even greet me and all you want is to conquer your spot on my sofa, eh?” He laughed and came to sit beside me on the sofa. No pet, just eye contact. I blinked slowly at him to let him know I welcome his company. He understood somehow.

“When I was young, I knew a fascinating girl. I knew her by exchanging letters. We were pen pals. I was captured by her first letter, you know just like that? We had a way of communicating that connected to each other deeply. We had nothing much in common, we do not share the same interests but we clicked somehow. We wrote many letters to each other telling about our lives and the more we wrote the more we realized that we are two persons of completely opposite characters and preferences. Opposites attract, eh?”

I stretched and cleaned my paws.

“I love socialising while she prefers to spend time at home reading or enjoying to her hobbies. I don’t eat spicy and hot food while she loves it and every time she cooked, she’d put at least a minimum amount of spices that I could take. But life was great, we were happy being together. She was a nurse in her country and when she left her country to be with me, she also left her job. I thought she could continue here but somehow she could not find a job here due to low demand. So we moved to this beautiful small town to start a new life. We opened a small wine shop. And we survived.”

I was dozing off on the comfortable sofa. The breeze coming in from the slightly ajar window was lulling me off to a nice nap. He continued, “Our life was peaceful and we started to plan to have a family. Luck was not on our side, we didn’t beget any child. No regrets from both of us because in our own way we were both very strong people who accepted what life threw at us. And you little cat, thank you for providing a sweet company today.”

He petted me and I felt as peaceful as the peace this man has inside his heart.

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