Sew me back together ,if you can



9. Walk

It was dark outside with only the street lights to light up the street."let's go on a walk"he said putting his hoodie one and giving me one of his hoodies.

Spencer POV-

"Sure" she said seeming still sad.we got outside and started walking.she was silent as something dead."what is your favorite color"I said trying to break the silence."grey"she said looking down at the ground. Out of no where we got surrounded by a gang."hey wassup rich guy what size is your whole out fit"the one guy said laughing "obviously not your size dick head"I said in a I'm going to beat your ass voice.I noticed jade started to look REALY scared."hey pretty girl"one of the guys said with his hand about to touch her waist."TOUCH HER AND WE WILL KILL YOU"I said in a scary voice."who is we"he said laughing."trust me you don't want to meet him"I said .they started looking at me in a scared way so I knew he was behind me scaring the hell out of them.i grabbed jades hand and walked right through the guys.Once we walked around the corner we started to hear them screaming as my secret friend killed them."what just-"she said but I cut her off."don't ask"I said hoping she would listen."follow me"I said.we walked a block until we got to a fair that was lit up like crazy.i turned to look at her .she had lights reflecting in her beautiful green eyes.she looked like she was gonna stand there and stare at the lights the whole time.I grabbed her hand waking her up to the the fairest wheel and paid for both of us to get on.she looked a little scared though but we still got on it."don't worry I got you"I say.the cart rocked a little and she jumped into my lap wrapping her arms tightly around my neck and burying her head in my chest."your so cute"I slipped and said.i started to blush and out of all times she's really close so she heard me and shes close to my face so she also see me blushing.but she didn't respond she just starred at me.i leaned in to kiss her but then the the cart leaned causing her to fall out and die.SORRY GUYS I GOT BORED this is my first book but I'm not gonna finish but I might try again so yes and I'm getting a new phone for Christmas so I'll be on WATPAD it's a really good app you should get it if your updated to 8.0 we'll good night

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