Sew me back together ,if you can



3. Voices

I was awoken by the sounds of laughter,the sound of boys."Hey dude I dare u to dive in that dumpster"."no way dude dumpster diving is stupid"."come on dude for once loosen up,I'll give you a twenty"."ok fine man",then the lid to the dumpster open and some guy jumped in.He didn't notice me in the corner until he started to look around.His gaze was putting a whole in my face ,our eyes were locked together."hey are you ok what are you doing in this dumpster" said the boy.he was a caramel color with a eyebrow piercing and a black hoodie and skinny black ripped jeans.By my guess he likes black,he also had some black converses on.All I knew was that he was hot,"Hey let me help you out"he said knocking me out of my day dreaming moment.He grabbed my hand and helped me out."dude who's this"said the guy who was with him."I don't know but she was in the dumpster"."Hi my name is spencer and this is my friend dean"he said."hi"I said shyly."don't be scared we are some pretty cool guys" said his friend.His friend was wearing bright colors and he was light skinned with dyed colorful hair."hey what's you name"spencer said."my mom doesn't care enough for me,to give me a name" I said."Hey dude we can take her to your house so she can get out of these clothes,I bet she can fit your sisters clothes"."Great idea man".Spencer gestured for me to follow them so I did.I know I probably shouldn't trust them but they seem like a better chance than going home.Spencer told me to get on the bike and wrap my arms around his waist and to not let go(you don't have to ask me twice).when we arrived to his house I think my jaw fell off at the sight of the mansion.he took me inside."Hey dad are you home"spenc (new nick name)screamed."I'm in here"his dad says.He takes me to their kitchen where his dad is."hey dad we found this girl in the dumpster"."son what were you doing in the dumpster"his dad says in frustration ."long story,but I was wondering if she could stay with us since we don't know where she live"."sure son but she has to stay in your room"."cool see you later".

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