Sew me back together ,if you can



5. Stupid words

Why am I walking so stupid I hope one of them stop me."Hey no your not going home"said spencer popping up behind me."yes I am now fuck off rich guy I'm going home rather you like it or not"I said.then I realized I didn't choose the right words."put me down"I screamed as he swung me over his shoulder.he literally ignored me ,I just wanted to punch him in his cute face.

Spencer POV-

she's so light as if she was starved or born early.shes so adorable honestly I almost kissed her.wait what?what am I saying,i know I have no crush on her.right.well I took her back in the mansion and took her to my room and I put her down on my bed.she was pouting with her adorable cut ignore what I just said

Girl with no name POV-

Why is he looking at me like that.fuck my face is getting hot .PLEASE DONT BLUSH DONT BLUSH,I said in my head but it didn't work.i noticed he started laughing a little then he cleared his throat realizing I was giving him the death stare. "how old are you"he asked.i hope to god he's not way older cause I don't need him treating me like a baby."I'm 15, how old are you"I said."I'm 16"he said with a chuckle.that makes sense why he's a bit taller than me

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