Sew me back together ,if you can



4. Nice

Spencer showed me the bathroom and gave me his sister (who's in college) old clothes."when your done with your shower I'll show you were you can sleep".I hope I can fit these clothes,I say in my head.Later on I got finished and dress and he showed me his room."I want you to feel comfortable so you can sleep in my room while I sleep on the couch"."thank you"I said ."hey why are your wrists bandaged"."oh um no reason" I said hoping he wouldn't ask to see under the bandages."can I see under the bandages".oh shit.

Spencer POV-

She says sure so I start unraveling the bandages off her left wrist.I can't believe what I see I get angry and sad for some reason.Do I care for her,I ask myself."who did this to you"I say angrily."um I did"she says yanking her hands back and wrapping them back up.she says that she did it like it's not a bad thing."why would you cut your wrists" I scream.

No named girl POV-

He don't know how hard my life is compared to his."don't yell at me"I scream."you don't even know" "I don't know wha-"he says getting cut off by dean at the door."hey is everything ok in here"dean says."we'll then so spencer how long she stayin"."not very long,not staying here I rather live with my abusive mother than get judged"I say.

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