Sew me back together ,if you can



6. Looking

Later we are sitting at their dinning table."it's so long"I whispered under my breath.then I noticed dean heard me because he said"that's what she said"I started to laugh a little.obviously spencer isn't that much of a fun guy.he was putting his headphones in and totally ignoring everyone.but I would catch his eye every once in a while.

Spencer POV-

Fuck did she see me looking at her .I don't know why but my eyes keep trying to stare at her.I think I like her,We'll duh said a voice in my head.shes so cute when she laugh it just makes me happy but then I started to get a little upset.why isn't she eating I said looking at her untouched plate.she caught on to what I was looking at and why.she picked up her fork with her left hand and started to eat here food."are you left handed"I asked."yea"she said."what is your name" my dad says finally speaking to the girl."she doesn't have one"I say speaking for her and noticing she was looking at me from the corner of my eye."oh we'll we could give you a name or you could name yourself"my dad says"."cool thanks"she said.

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