Sew me back together ,if you can



7. Know

Girl with no name POV-

"How about malia,wait no"I said in fustration.we were all trying to pick a name for me it was fun but hard."this is so freaking hard"dean said."that's what she said"I said quietly hoping dean heard me.i knew he did cause he started laughing then he gave me a fist pump and said"you are totally my girl best friend"he said laughing causing me to laugh as we'll."how about Chloe,wait no"said Spenser's dad .I was happy they were helping me but then I looked to see spencer starring at the wall.I turned my head toward what he was starring at to see a large framed picture.It had spencer,his dad,and a women in the picture."is that your mom"I asked.but he stayed quite."yes that is"his dad said."did she die"I mouthed to dean."no but she left them a long time ago"dean whispered in my ear."you don't have to whisper"Spencer's dad said laughing."she wasn't that good of a wife and mother anyway"he said .i looked at spencer who looked like he was going to kill someone."ITS YOUR FAULT SHE LEFT"spencer said standing up."Son sit down"his dad said in a aggressive voice."WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO HIT ME AGAIN ,GO AHEAD DO IT,SHOW HOW YOU ACT WHEN ITS JUST YOU AND ME"he and dean mouth was wide open.dean grabbed my arm gesturing for us to leave the room.when we left the room I stayed by the door way still listening and so did dean.then we heard a SMACK sound and then we heard stomping coming toward where me and dean were sitting (being nosy).then spencer came through the door with a bruise on his cheek and he went to his room and slammed the door.suddenly I got a little scared of Spencer's dad and dean noticed."don't worry this is normal"he said."sometimes I want to beat his dad up but..."he said and paused."but what???"I said."but spencer told me to just walk out the room when ever this happens."and don't worry me and spencer will beat his dad ass if he ever do anything to you"he said."thanks"I said with a small smile.then his phone buzzed and he looked at it."we'll I gotta get home,so I'll see you later"."ok bye"I said hoping he would stay.but he left so i was sitting in the hallway alone.I got up and went to Spencer's door and knocked.

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